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You will prepare and submit through Turnitin, a 7 – 10 page paper following APA guidelines.
Your paper will include four sections:
 Describe your ethical framework.
 Describe a difficult ethical decision related to your personal or work life.
 Apply your ethical framework (described above) to your case.
 Assess how you might apply a different or more complex decision-making process in the future to complex ethical issues.
The paper should include the following components:
1. Describe your ethical framework
Research and define ethical frameworks and their purposes. Use examples from the literature. Then, thoroughly describe your own ethical
framework based on what you have read. Describe any principles you have included or rejected. How are your values represented in your
framework? How did you develop your framework? Clearly reference the ethical positions, principles, or other frameworks that influenced your
own framework.
OLCU 601 – Democracy, Ethics & Leadership
OLCU 601_Week6_Ethical Framework_ Signature Assignment_spr2018
2. Describe a difficult ethical decision related to your personal or work life.
Discuss an experience from your personal or work life that involved a difficult ethical decision. This case study should be an ethical dilemma about
which you personally have had to make a decision. It is not acceptable to present a case you have encountered of someone else behaving
unethically. Discuss the circumstances surrounding difficult ethical choice for you. What pressures were exerted on you to decide one way or
another? What are the cultural influences on you and other players? Do changing circumstances impact the decisions made? What assumptions
were held by you at the time and/or were held by others that impacted your decision? You must state clearly why the decision is difficult; and must
clearly state the conflict as you see it. What principles and values appeared to be in conflict?
3. Apply your ethical framework (described in #1 above) to your case.
Discuss your personal case based on your learnings this term and apply your ethical framework to the case you have described in #2 above. What
are the primary or most important issues or ethical dilemmas presented in your case? How might your framework help you resolve these issues?
What decision-making criteria (principles and values) did you use at the time the incident described in your case happened? How might you have
resolved the issues presented in your case using your ethical framework?
4. Assess how you might apply a different or more complex decision-making process in the future.
What are your conclusions or learning from your case study? Would you make the same decision again? How would you apply your ethical
framework in the future? How has your thinking about ethical decision-making changed or developed? How will this framework change how you
might approach complex ethical decisions in the future?
Finally, make sure you follow this outline. Points will be taken off if you miss a section. Your paper will be evaluated on the clarity of your thought
process and reasoning. You must include a minimum of five academic journals in your paper. The depth of your analysis is important as well as
your demonstrated knowledge of ethical principles and values. Your paper will not be judged on your decision or decisions.


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