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You are assigned to complete an 12-25-page paper (no longer than 25 pages), in APA 7 format, for this course. 3. Climate Change, Fossil Fuels and Pollution … How do these things need to be addressed going forward, and how do they impact our Health? What are some of the alternatives? -Briefly explain the definition of Climate Change (Global warming), Fossil Fuels Pollution (air, land, environment, water and/food) and plastic pollution. -Briefly explain how they impact the Health of American Citizens and the delivery of Healthcare by Professional Nurses. – Briefly explain and Identify the ways in which a human being’s health can be negatively impacted by pollution of food, water, air or environment and plastic use. -briefly Identify and describe alternatives for use of Plastics in America and identify other countries that may have been successful in limiting Plastic use or banning plastics use. -Briefly identify whether Climate Change is on either Joe Biden’s Campaign platform or any programs he may be proposing to address this issue (if any). -Briefly discuss whether Climate Change or Fossil Fuel use or energy alternatives, and use/banning of Plastics is on President Trump’s 2020 platform, or was on his 2016 platform, and whether he has initiated any reforms or programs since he was elected to address climate change, fossil fuel use and Plastic use/bans and pollution. -Identify if President Trump has enacted any rule changes concerning the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since he was elected? Identify several (if he has) and explain them briefly. Explain whether you think they (his policies) have positively or negatively impacted the environment and or climate change in the long run? -Briefly identify and discuss what the Paris Accord (AKA Paris Climate Agreement) is, whether America has participated in the Paris Accord previously. Include in your discussion a brief synopsis of the agreement and what it attempts to tackle- it is a 32-page document that the agreement covers, so briefly identify the major points of this agreement. -Discuss America’s current role in relationship to the Paris Accord. -What is Joe Biden’s position on the Paris Accord should he be elected, and what he thinks America’s role should be in the Peace Accord? -Briefly discuss how you feel about global warming/climate change, Fossil fuel use, and pollution of air, food, water, and environment and plastic use or potentially banning/limiting use of Plastics. Explain whether you think Climate Change and these topics are important issues for America and should be addressed during the remaining months until the election by the candidates and after a candidate is elected to office. Explain whether you think America should rejoin the Paris accord. If you do not think these topics are important issues, and/or we shouldn’t be part of the Paris Accord then explain why. – Pretend you were given several trillion dollars to address Climate Change in America- name five things you would do to improve Climate Change/Global warming, use of Fossil fuels, Use of , Banning or limiting use of Plastics, Pollution of Air, Water, Land on Environment and enact reform, and briefly explain the why and how of the these things. (Assume you have the legal and legislative ability to make such change) Use at least five references from peer reviewed professional journals or sources to support your positions or themes in your paper. Include at least one additional reference from a professional group, such as the American Nurses Association (they frequently publish white papers on specific topics), or the American Medical Association- Student may use one non-Medical Journal for a reference if they need to. DO NOT USE Wikipedia or your textbook as a reference to count towards your five-reference requirement. You may use your textbook additionally as a reference beyond the five required. DO NOT USE more than two direct quotations from any source, paraphrase and utilize your own words to explain your concepts in your paper. Your Paper should have a Title Page, NO ABSTRACT, an Introduction, then the “body” of the paper (where you address the things listed to be included in your paper above), and a Conclusion, then your Bibliography/Reference page (APA 7 format). Make sure your Bibliography has hanging indents as required by APA 7. Make sure your paper is double spaced per APA format. Make sure you spell check and have correct grammar. Do not use contractions like don’t, shouldn’t etc.


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