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Topic of the research paper: the pursuit of happiness hypothesis/thesis and introduction to be done. (beginning of the research paper, teacher will grade this and give feedback and then I can start the rest of the paper) High expectations lead to unhappiness. The “journey” mindset has certain traits (find these traits) which lead to happiness since they are not searching for it. “End-focused” mindset has certain traits (find these traits) which lead to unhappiness since they are searching for it, expecting there is always something better will make you unhappy. Variables must be operationalized and measured. HYPOTHESIS. Your hypothesis should be in the form of an “If….then…” statement as they are the most straightforward to test in a literature review. An “If..Then..” hypothesis is a statement that tells your readers what you predict will happen to the DV (outcome variable) when the IV (predictor variable) changes. You must also explain why you predicted that would happen – the “because” explaining the claims of evidence and argument upon which you based your hypothesis. • IF STATEMENT states the variable that will change/be manipulated (the IV) • THEN STATEMENT states what will happen to the DV as a consequence of the change in IV • The BECAUSE is the claims and inferences upon which you based your hypothesis. Variable 1: ends-focused mindset Operational Definition of Variable 1: traits of looking for happiness Variable 2: “journey mindset” Operational Definition of Variable 2: traits association with being in the moment living life People who search for happiness as some end goal tend to not be as happy. People who seek happiness in external rewards and jobs etc tend to not be that happy. People who see life day by day and try to be awesome are happy. If you have “ends-focused mindset” you will be less happy that someone who has a “journey mindset” some sources i found helpful, but you don’t have to use them. sources must be credible. reference as many sources as needed, doesn’t have to be specifically 3, but shouldn’t be less than 3 On this page I found a bunch of sources about use of goals to find happiness: please message me with any and all questions or clarification! 🙂


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