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This paper will need to be split into two sections. Section 1 has a minimum of 600 words and section 2 has a minimum of 400 words. SECTION 1 INFORMATION:
Throughout history, some types of money have gained widespread circulation outside of the nations that issued them. Whenever a country or empire has regional or global control of trade, its currency becomes the dominant currency for trade and governs the monetary system of that time.
In the middle of a period that relies on one major currency, it’s easy to forget that, throughout history, there have been other primary currencies—a historical cycle.
Generally, the best currency to use is the most liquid one, the one issued by the nation with the biggest economy as well as usually the largest import-export markets.
Rarely has a single currency been the exclusive medium of world trade, but a few have come close.
Some of the most powerful currencies in history include:
the Persian daric;
the Roman denarius, sestertius, and dupondius;
the thaler;
the Spanish American pesos;
the British pound, US dollar; and,
the Euro.
Please take the aforementioned list of historically powerful currencies:
describe each currency
identify the period of its ascendency and use
identify the country of its origination
identify which became “world currency”. Write a 600-word post responding to each of the above bullets. This is a research-based discussion paper. Your sources may include the text, lecture, the internet, and books and reports. You are required to submit an APA 7th edition compliant cover page, abstract, general discussion report, and reference page. Please note, the major paper requirment for this course has been eliminated. You should also note this discussion assignment does not have a peer review element. Grading will be strict according to the rubric. It would be wise to immediately attain a copy of the APA 7th edition manual and use it as you prepare your paper. For example, your paper will certainly have sections dedicated to one or more currency. Sections must be APA 7th edition compliant.
Digitalization has deeply shaped the way people of different countries and cultures interact with one another and now also influences the way people transact with one another. Please prepare a 400-word research-based discussion (a short research paper) that answers the following:
What is cryptocurrency?
What is the world’s first digital currency?
What has been its impact on the way that business is conducted?
What backs this currency? How is it secured? How are payments processed?
Write a 400-word post discussing digitalization, making sure the aforementioned question are central to the discussion. Be sure to include information from the text, lecture, scholarly articles, and cite them appropriately. Your report must be APA 7th edition compliant. Please post via “Course work.”


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