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This essays title is Domestic Violence : These are the rules my teacher included for the essay, it is a similar style to the first essay you did for me which was on single parent homes. The essay needs to be in 3rd person point of view and 4-5 pages long. We started learning about semiotics so for this essay include how there are specific signs and meanings regarding domestic violence tied in with semiotics. You need to find a semiotic connection in this topic about domestic violence, try to tie it in with it. We also learned about specific argumentative styles such as rogerian argumentative style or Toulmin argumentative style, in this essay you have to use either rogerian argumentative style or Toulmin argumentative style to discuss domestic violence while keeping it in a third person point of view. Please remember this essay could either be in rogerian argumentative style or Toulmin argumentative style. Also this essay needs to have a good and clear thesis statement. This essay should also have 3-4 quotes, anything from online as long as it is cited correctly and also mentioned in the works cited if needed because im not sure how that works, please remember I need 3-4 quotes which should be cited correctly and works cited should have at least 4-5 proper works cited. Down below here is the rules the teacher gave for the essay which is again the same as the first essay you did for me on single parent homes. INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH WITH A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT The introductory paragraph is adequately developed with a clear thesis statement. The introductory paragraph catches the reader’s attention. It should contain 5-7 well-written sentences. The thesis statement introduces topics that will be explored within the 4 1/2 – 5 page, 7-8 paragraph essay. Also keep in mind this should be in either rogerian argument style or Toulmin same for all the other paragraphs. BODY PARAGRAPHS: Body paragraphs are written in third person, objective point of view with topic sentences that support the thesis statement. The body of the essay will contain 6-7 paragraphs that contain research and proper credit to avoid plagiarism. One paragraph will be a counterargument. Patterns of development of example, process, classification, definition, and compare and contrast are used. Research is supportive and clear with examples of evidence in the form of facts, statistics, examples, or opinions from authorities. COUNTERARGUMENTS: Introduce the opposition by acknowledging and summarizing that viewpoint. Possibly agree to some points. Explain the weakest points and contrast with your strong points. Re-emphasize the importance of considering your argument. CONCLUSION: The thesis statement is restated and reminds the reader of the strength of the goal. Previews and/or summarizes the research and evidence of the essay to support the conclusion. Gives the reader a better understanding of the subject. Can inspire the reader to further thought or action. WORKS CITED: The title Works Cited is centered on your last page. Alphabetize your sources by the authors’ last name. If no author is known, alphabetize by title. Begin each entry at the left margin. If the entry is longer than one line, indent the second and subsequent lines one tab. Use proper line spacing. If you use the program in Word, double check that Works Cited is centered and not bold. Italicize titles of books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. Use quotation marks with titles of periodical articles, chapters, and essays within books, short stories, and poems. Provide the location where the source was accessed. Works Cited cannot just be links, but can contain links after properly citing.


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