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Subject Assignment #5, Stock Issues on the AFFIRMATIVE
Pre-Assignment Materials
Please review the Debate Fundamentals Lecture (104 Debate Fundamentals.pptx) Here, you will see that everything that you’ve learned can be applied in any debate. This powerpoint presentation will help you describe and articulate what you’re learning in each debate assignment. Also, please review the following video you have seen before that talks about Stock Issues in debate: Stock Issues Additionally, you could also review what another college debate looks like. Please watch this video to see how debaters are exchanging information: 2018 NPDA Demo Debate Minimum Wage Directions
You will create an AFFIRMATIVE debate case using research and the debate structured discussed in the Debate Fundamentals Lecture. Here’s your topic: The United States Federal Government should significantly reopen the economy. Remember, use the debate structure that was discussed for the AFFIRMATIVE. Here it is: What’s going on right now? (Situation or SQ) What will happen if this problem isn’t solved? (Harms) What is your stance? (Agree with resolution) Why is your stance the best option? (Cost/Benefit Analysis)
For every key argument, you must have use sound reasoning, audience center-ness, and the Toulmin Model. This includes having a clear CLAIM, EVIDENCE supporting your point, and a WARRANT explaining your reasoning process.
Again, you must back up your claims by provide sources and a works cited page at the end of your debate case. For Subject Assignment #5, you are to only focus on the AFFIRMATIVE.
Next week, for Subject Assignment #6, you will focus on the NEGATIVE. ————————————————————————————————————-
Guidelines for Subject Assignments You are graded on “how well” you complete this assignment
The entire assignment is due on Monday by 11:59pm Your assignment answers must be at least 500 words in length, excluding quotations and questions. You will be graded on quality of your writing, and not quantity. Support your claims and statements with quotations and information from the reading. You must use and refer to the reading. Please include quotations and specific page numbers when using it for support. Any outside information used must be cited in direct quotations with page numbers and a works cited section at the end. Please use full sentences, be respectful to others, try not to use too much jargon, and use supportive language. Remember, to satisfy the above requirements; I suggest you read the directions a couple of times.
Again, the entire assignment is due Monday by 11:59pm


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