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Students will write in the 1st Person a “creative” research paper in which he or she will assume the identity of ANY of the following occupations (only choose one occupation to write on): an artist/sculptor, (or) a writer, (or) an entrepreneur, (or) an inventor/scientist and create a factual, biographical account of that historical figure’s career and the contributions made to the world to include the following: (Must include in your paper ALL 6 POINTS below to get full credit!)
1. What kind of culture did this person live in to include his/her a. date and place of birth (if known)
b. Societal, national, or political climate of the person’s origins and how his/her culture differed from yours?
2. Obstacles or challenges that had to be overcome in that person’s career to include if that person’s cultural environment enhanced or limited their abilities.
3. How did his person’s education, training, religion, or other influences enhance the person’s overall success?
4. Why would you want to be or NOT want to be like that person? Did this person’s culture have any influence in your answer, and if so, in what way? 5. Would you have felt comfortable living in his/her culture, and explain why or why not.
6. Why that person is considered “great” or “significant” today and do you feel the person would still have been able to be considered great in your present culture?
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not be confused by the term, “creative,” in your original instructions. It means to be creative in your factual autobiographical account of a real historical figure. In other words, write it as you would if you were really that historical person writing about his or her life – meaning your paper must be written in the first person.
TYPING FORMAT FOR THE QEP PAPER: (Severe penalties for not following instructions!)
1. Times Roman, 12” font, single-spaced
2. Must be FIVE (5), FULL pages on your topic. (Less than 5 full pages will deduct considerably from overall paper grade.)
3. Must also include a 6th page: “Works Cited.” (Omitting this page will cost 50 points!)
a. Must include no less than 3 digital sources
b. Use MLA format for the Works Cited Page
4. Use paragraphs when introducing a new topic sentence. 5. Use 1-inch margins (top and bottom, and left and right-hand sides)
6. Start typing your first line 1 inch from the top of the paper with the Title and come down one double spaced line to being your first paragraph. 7. Do NOT include any quotes
8. Do NOT include any pictures
9. Do NOT include any headings on any page and do not page number any page. 5 points will be lost if this directive is NOT FOLLOWED!
Failure to successfully submit ALL 5 pages plus the Citation Page (6th page) on due date will result in severe penalties with no second chance to resubmit any missing page at time of grading! If in doubt or having problems with downloading onto Canvas, check with IT. Do not ask your instructor to verify if your submission went through to Canvas successfully as this is part of what I will be grading!
Failure TO CHECK IF ALL OF YOUR PAGES IN YOUR PAPER WENT THROUGH SUCCESSFULLY will cost you significantly in overall final paper grade! Call the Campus IT Dept (201-8545) if you need help in submitting your paper successfully digitally!
Any questions, email me no later than one week before the paper is due; and NOT over any weekend!
Goals for the QEP Digital Focus Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Student will find, operate, and/or utilize digital tools for academic and professional purposes.
2. Student will use digital tools to create content.
3. Student will use digital tools to share content effectively.
4. Student will submit digital assignment on Canvas (no hard copy or email copy will be accepted). Student will make sure a complete assignment is successfully submitted digitally by the due date (anything less can be no higher than a 50/F grade and NO other due date will be accepted). This means that to avoid any incomplete penalty you should submit your assignment early to make sure it goes through!


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