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Research scholarly journals to discover examples and analyze how disruptive innovation could solve one of the following concepts (select a different bullet point/s than one used in previous weeks unless you have addressed all points):
Addressing issues that impact organizational effectiveness
Designing a strategic plan
Designing systems and processes that address the issues that impact the performance of an organization
Conducting an organizational audit
Conducting an environmental scan
Addressing issues that impact organizational effectiveness
You are then to design a visual communication in the form of either an Infographic or a Conference Poster that explains the disruptive innovation. The requirements are:
Background to the problem
Description of the disruptive innovation
The role of the leader
The role/vision of the organization
Pros / Cons of the disruptive innovation
Expected outcome
Researcher conclusions and recommendations
For an example of a Infographic refer to the following site:
For help with creating a Research Poster refer to this site:
This assignment is worth 10 points of the total course grade.
Christensen coined the phrase in 1995 and actually created a disruption in the perception of innovation. Innovation up to that point had been considered the tweaking and changing that happens with a product. Usually once of product is invented the changes are tweaks designed to improve the product, add more features and upgrade the product. With disruptive innovation a product must be totally transformed, made simpler and cheaper. (Moore, 2019) Disruptive Innovation often upturns the established industry and displaces existing market leaders. (Moore, 2019)
“There are several markers that distinguish true disruptive innovators:
They are low-cost and highly accessible.
They have lower gross margins than their contemporaries or the incumbent.
They serve a smaller low-end target market at first, before expanding to a vast market due to their accessibility.
They’re hard to see coming and aren’t taken seriously. They quietly, slowly “climb the ladder” and can take years or decades to gain traction before they dramatically upend competitors.” (Moore, 2019)
You mentioned that it is vital for leaders to befriend the practice of disruptive innovation. What suggestions would you have for leaders that were thinking of this process and a way to expand their market?
Moore, R. (2019) 11 Disruptive Innovation Examples. tps://


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