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Question 11 (1 point)
A(n) ________ organization is an organization that uses social
media to transform its interactions with customers, employees, and
partners into mutually satisfying relationships with them and their
Question 11 options:

social capitalistic



commercial media
Question 12 (1 point)
Which question below represents a CRM predicting technology
Question 12 options:
What customers are at risk of leaving?
Why did sales not meet forecasts?
What is the total revenue by customer?
all of the above
Question 13 (1 point)
Which of the following is true?
Question 13 options:
A characteristic of Web 2.0 is that the value of a Web site
increases over time.
Web 2.0 shifts in users’ role from the passive consumer of
content to its creator
Web 2.0 encourages mashup which occur(s) when the output from
two or more Web sites is combined into a single interface.
A characteristic of Web 2.0 is that the value of as the amount
of capital invested in it increases
Question 14 (1 point)
A social media policy is a statement ________.
Question 14 options:

that delineates employees’ rights and responsibilities

that lists a firm’s products and services

that lists the social and environmental effects of a company’s
economic actions

that defines the type of medium and channel that must be used for
social media
Question 15 (1 point)
Which of the following is true?
Question 15 options:
Networking data is data and responses to data that are
contributed by users and SM sponsors.
SM consultants are the companies that operate the SM sites.
Most SM applications earn revenue through viral marketing.
Connection data differentiates SMIS from Web site
Question 16 (1 point)
Which of the following is an example of a structured
Question 16 options:

deciding on the location of a new store

solving the problem of excessive product returns

purchasing the right amount of raw materials

using social media to create buzz about a new product
Question 17 (1 point)
For companies operating in the digital world, online
collaboration with suppliers, business partners, and customers is
crucial to being successful. ________ allow(s) data to be accessed
without intimate knowledge of other organizations’ systems,
enabling machine-to-machine interaction over the Internet.
Question 17 options:
User-generated content
Web services
Sense,engage, activate, messure, and story tell
software as (Free) Service
Question 18 (1 point)
Which of the following is true?
Question 18 options:
Marketing modules in CRM systems would provide tools for
identifying profitable and unprofitable customers.
Marketing modules in CRM systems would provide tools for
assigning and managing customer service requests.
Customer acquisition modules in CRM systems provide tools for
managing sales prospect and contact information.
Customer acquisition modules in CRM systems provide tools
forcapturing prospect and customer data.
Question 19 (1 point)
Which of the following is an important capability for sales
processes that is found in most major CRM software products?
Question 19 options:
returns management
channel promotions management
events management
lead management
Question 20 (1 point)
All of the following statements about enterprise applications
are true except for
Question 20 options:
Enterpriseapplications are more successfully implemented when an
organization has prepared for organizational change.
The total implementation cost of a large system runs into
millions of dollars.
Once you have purchased and implemented a vendor’s enterprise
system, it is much less expensive to switch vendors.
Enterpriseapplications are based on organization-wide
definitions of data.


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