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Must watch Get out film by Jordan Peele. Its a interesting movie by the way
I suggest that you use theories of cinematic realism to address how Peele constructs a believable world that he then, little by little, distorts into a nightmare realm that still remains grounded in recognizable sociopolitical realities.
Select any one film and, using at least two of the readings assigned so far, explain how film theory offers insight into it. Is there a particular theory of film that is especially relevant to your choice? An approach that makes the most sense for you? 
Your analysis should consider specific formal features—stylistic details—as well as other contextualizing features, including but not limited to the following: the film’s date of production and release (when was the film made, and why does that matter?); its conditions of production, distribution, and reception (how, where, and with what purposes—beyond the profit motive—was it made?); and broader political, sociocultural, economic, and ideological factors.
You must provide a thesis statement in your opening paragraph—an original argument about the film and its significance.
You must proceed to analyze the readings that you have selected, explaining their arguments, and the broader significance of those arguments, before applying them to the film. How, in other words, are these arguments relevant to the film and to your thesis?
Please remember to underline or italicize all film titles.
I include 4 readings we did in class.You can choose all 4 if you like or at least 2.
**Your proposal is due by Friday, March, 12: think of this merely as a way of stating your selections (the film, the readings) and of talking through a possible approach with me. Simply email me ( with your thoughts, and I’ll give you the green light to start working on the paper.
Length: 5 – 7 pages, typed, double-spaced.
Due date: by Friday, April 9.
If at all possible, please submit your paper as a Word document. That way, I’ll be able to provide comments and edits in Track Changes.
Grading rubric:
A: (1) Polished prose (artful and thoroughly grammatically correct); (2) well-argued and original; (3) fulfills all aspects of assignment.
B: Meets two of the above criteria.
C: Meets one of the above criteria.
D: Fails the C (i.e., meets none of the above criteria).
F: Late or plagiarized


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