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Must own adobe dreamweaver and know how to use javascript! Do not bid if you don’t own this and know how to use it.This week’s assignment is in two parts.Part 1: Temperature WarningUsing a script, create a variable that asks the user for the temperature in Fahrenheit.Then, using a conditional statement, it should display a different message, depending on what number the user inputs.If the temperature is above 32, display a message that states it is above freezing.
If the temperature is exactly 32, display a message that this is the freezing point.
If the temperature is below 32, display an alert window warning that it is below freezing.
If the temperature is invalid, display an alert window that informs the user and provides feedback about how to enter the temperature correctly.
Make sure that the messages for the user are clear and easy to understand. Below is an example of how your page might perform.Save the HTML and CSS files, adding your last name to the HTML filename (index_lastName.html).Part 2The second part of your assignment is to play the Dungeons of Kithgard level on Learn to code in JavaScript while battling ogres. Exit the dungeon safely, recording your success with a screen capture.”I’ll handle this!” Codecombat.comSteps:Visit You can play as Anonymous, but if you create an account and log in, you’ll be able to save and track your progress, and you won’t have to repeat the beginning levels when you play the game again in later Modules.Choose a warrior and select JavaScript as your language. If you don’t immediately get the warrior/code selection screen when you enter the dungeon, click on the Heroes button.Choose your avatar and select JavaScript as the languageFollow the directions at every level, planning, writing, and debugging your code to collect gems and gold and defeat the enemies. You will be guided and given increasing programming power as you triumph at each level.When you exit the last level in the Dungeon at the Kithgard Gates, do a screen capture of your accomplishment.Note: codecombat has simplified the WHILE conditional into a concept they call loop. But you know what it really is, don’t you!Screen capture of Victory panel at the Kithgard GatesSave the screen capture as KithgardVictory_firstInitialLastName.jpgZIP your temperature files and codecombat screen cap into one file as firstInitialLastName_Week2Project_date, and Submit your completed assignments by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


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