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Module 7: Assignments/Problem Set 7: 1) Complete the following
problems: a) 10.29 b) 12.1, 12.9, 12.17. c) 14.3, 14.4, 14.5
Problem 10.29 The Dubuque Cement Company packs 80-pound bags of
concrete mix. Time-study data for the filling activity are shown in
the following table. Because of the high physical demands of the
job, the company’s policy is a 23% allowance for workers. a)
Compute the standard time for the bag-packing task. b) How many
observations are necessary for 99% confidence, within 5% accuracy?
Observations (seconds) Performance Element 1 2 3 4 5 Rating (%)
Grasp and place bag 8 9 8 11 7 110 Fill bag 36 41 39 35 112a 85
Seal bag 15 17 13 20 18 105 Place bag on conveyor 8 6 9 30b 35b 90
aBag breaks open; included as delay in the allowance factor.
bConveyor jams; included as delay in the allowance factor. The
letter a in this first sentence which states abag breaks the a is
above the word bag instead of below. The sentence that begins
bConveryor the b is above the word also at the beginning. Also, in
the chart above the numbers with a letter beside them is suppose to
have the letter above the number on the same side showing now my
computer wouldn’t do it, Thanks. Problem 12.1 L. Houts
Plastics is a large manufacturer of injection molded plastics in
North Carolina. An investigation of the company’s
manufacturing facility in Charlotte yields the information
presented in the table below. How would the plant classify these
items according to an ABC classification system? PX L. Houts
Plastics Charlotte Inventory Levels Item Code # Average Inventory
(units) Value ($/unit) 1289 400 3.75 2347 300 4.00 2349 120 2.50
2363 75 1.50 2394 60 1.75 2395 30 2.00 6782 20 1.15 7844 12 2.05
8210 8 1.80 8310 7 2.00 9111 6 3.00 Problem 12.9 Southeastern Bell
stocks a certain switch connector at its central warehouse for
supplying field service offices. The yearly demand for these
connectors is 15,000 units. Southeastern estimates its annual
holding cost for this item to be $25 per unit. The cost to place
and process an order from the supplier is $75. The company operates
300 days per year, and the lead time to receive an order from the
supplier is 2 working days. a) Find the economic order quantity. b)
Find the annual holding costs. c) Find the annual ordering costs.
d) What is the reorder point? PX Problem 12.17 Radovilsky
Manufacturing Company, in Hayward, California, makes flashing
lights for toys. The company operates its production facility 300
days per year. It has orders for about 12,000 flashing lights per
year and has the capability of producing 100 per day. Setting up
the light production costs $50. The cost of each light is $1. The
holding cost is $0.10 per light per year. a) What is the optimal
size of the production run? b) What is the average holding cost per
year? c) What is the average setup cost per year? d) What is the
total cost per year, including the cost of the lights? Problem 14.3
The demand for subassembly S is 100 units in week 7. Each unit of S
requires 1 unit of T and 2 units of U. Each unit of T requires 1
unit of V, 2 units of W, and 1 unit of X. Finally, each unit of U
requires 2 units of Y and 3 units of Z. One firm manufactures all
items. It takes 2 weeks to make S, 1 week to make T, 2 weeks to
make U, 2 weeks to make V, 3 weeks to make W, 1 week to make X, 2
weeks to make Y, and 1 week to make Z. a) Construct a product
structure. Identify all levels, parents, and components. b) Prepare
a time-phased product structure Problem 14.4 Using the information
in Problem 14.3, construct a gross material requirements plan. PX
Problem 14.5 Using the information in Problem 14.3, construct a net
material requirements plan using the following on-hand


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