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Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.WRITING A THESIS PAPERA “thesis” is an argument, assertion, or statement requiring evidence and proof in order to gain acceptance. It is a claim which must be proven and defended. It is not self-evident. It consists of a statement (the thesis statement) supported by appropriate evidence, organized in a logical manner, presented in a convincing style. The thesis statement can usually be summarized in one sentence. This statement provides an answer to a question. All theses are answers to questions. These questions may be explicit or implicit.undefinedA thesis paper should be structured as a self-contained argument, containing, in written form, the evidence and logic necessary to prove a specific thesis – in maritime history such a paper is usually introduced through the presentation of the inherent question. For example, a thesis arguing that “The United States was perfectly justified in dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan” is answering the question of “Was the United States justified in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima? ”Stating the question and explaining its significance is a reasonable method for beginning the paper. The thesis (answer) may be revealed at this point or the writer may wait to reveal the thesis as part of the paper’s conclusion. Either technique may be desirable. It is a matter of style.undefinedThe introduction should, therefore: 1) introduce the subject, usually via a historical question, 2) perhaps present your answer/thesis, 3) explain the significance of the topic, and 4) tell the reader what sorts of points and evidence will be used to conduct your presentation. If you have already “given away” your thesis, you can be fairly specific in outlining the points you will make in arguing your thesis.undefinedThe main body of the paper should be a construction of the major points which you have outlined in the introduction. They should be well supported by evidence, logically argued, and clearly stated. Reviewed in their entirety, they should make your thesis appear obvious and reasonable.undefinedFinally, your conclusion should restate the historical question and briefly review your points, evidence, and logic. Finally, clearly express your thesis in no more than one sentence; and leave the reader convinced of your argument.Details to Remember–The paper must be typed, double-spaced.–Citations must be used to cite every quote, fact,or idea taken from a source other than your own brilliance–Include a bibliography page.–The recommended length is five (5) pages. Use common sense.–Make sure that you have a “thesis” rather than a mere topic.undefined–ALL INTERNET SITES MUST BE VETTEDRequirements: 5 pages Requirements: 5 pages   |   .doc file


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