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Guidelines on Writing the Week 5.5 Signature Assignment Paper
Developing Leadership Character
by Mary Crossan, Jeffrey Gandz, Gerard Seijts, Gerard Seijts, Jeffrey Gandz, Gerard
Seijts, Jeffrey Gandz (2012)
MGT 141 – Organizational Leadership
Paper Due Date: Saturday, April 10, midnight
Guidelines and Strategies:
The student is to read the article, Developing Leadership Character. Additionally, the
student is to identify 3 additional articles, that they will use as additional resources to
support the positions and perspectives in their paper.
There are four parts to this paper. Students may divide their paper using this structure:
Part 1: How do leaders, based on my own experience both past and present,
demonstrate the content and quality of their character? Why does character matter
when it comes to leadership? Can a leader lead effectively when his/her character is
flawed, inconsistent, and perhaps destructive?
Part 2: Discuss why the “4 areas of Competencies” (found in Figure 1) are critical for a
Part 3: Using Figure 2, compare the “The ten virtues of a cross-enterprise leader” to your
own virtues at this time in your personal and professional development. Which areas are
strong, stable, and well-grounded and which areas need additional development,
exploration, and strengthening?
Part 4: Using Table 1: Good and Bad Outcomes of Presence or Absence of Virtues,
compare the leaders you have worked with, which virtutes did the most effective
leaders embody and demonstrate and which virtues were missing in those leaders who
were ineffective and destructive?
Students are to write this paper in a way that can provide a strategy for their own
leadership development moving forward. In this light, students are encouraged to make
this paper both personally and professionally applicable.
Structure and Style:
Papers are to have a cover page, references page, and no more than 3-pages of written
narrative (this page total does not include the cover page and references page). The
student is strongly encouraged to keep the Turnitin “similarity index” at or below the
April 4, 2021
recommended level. All papers must adhere to the APA writing guidelines found in the
syllabus and clarified through the APA writing style at:
All borrowed ideas or quotes must be supported by in-text citations.


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