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Generic Studies Program
Experiential Studies
Perceptual Development Evaluation
After a cycle of orientation in the area of sensorimotor competencies, attendance at
site visits, analysis of skills implementation and experiences in your logs, and
discussion with the Facilitator and student groups, logs can include the following:
A) What have you been able to learn about yourself through the
conscious application of your senses?
B) What knowledge have you gained from your experience in different
environments and settings which are related to the various disciplines
such as art, languages, history, literature, natural sciences,
communication, and the social sciences?
C) Identify your strengths and weaknesses in particular skill areas.
D) Are you able to gather information more efficiently through the
Visual sense than by way of hearing?
E) Is everything in the total experience directly related to the senses, or
are certain elements only indirectly related?
You will navigate through the performances of Danza Fiesta a Puerto Rican Dance Company based in New York City. You will observe several performances by Danza Fiesta. While observing you are encouraged to interpret the performances with the assistance of your senses. A link will be provided where you can find Danza Fiesta’s performances.
Essential Question:
How do you use your senses to explore, investigate, and understand the world around you?
1. What is the purpose of this event?
2. How does it make you feel?
3. What did you like about this visit?
4. What was your favorite dance? Why?
5. What did you comprehend about the Puerto Rican’s culture through the performances?
6. Share concepts and ideas that you formulated from this experience.
7. Write about the use of your senses as a process of learning.
Danza Fiesta: Baile y Teatro Puertorriqueño was created in 1998 by Hilda Rivera-Pantojas in
NYC, with the mission of sharing Puerto Rican culture with the rest of the world. The company
has been fulfilling its mission through workshops and performances of Puerto Rican folklore and
popular dances. Featuring over 30 dancers, musicians and creative contributors, they devote
time and energy to the study of Puerto Rican Folk and popular traditions, making it accessible to
all people.
Danza Fiesta Baile y Teatro Puertorriqueño is the premier Puerto Rican folklore ensemble
in the diaspora. It was founded in 1998 in New York City by former Gibaro de Puerto Rico
dancer and choreographer Gilda Rivera Pantojas with the goal of sharing Puerto Rican
culture and folkloric traditions with the rest of the world. Today, Danza Fiesta’s repertoire
portrays Puerto Rican folklore and popular dances as a medium to educate, preserve and
promote the traditions of these regions. Danza Fiesta has built and preserved a local
audience through community and educational outreach and through collaborations with
other arts and cultural organizations, public schools, and higher education institutions.
Outside of New York City, Danza Fiesta has participated in many travel shows, festivals and
other cultural engagements sponsored by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company in
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta and
Washington D.C. Other major local events include the 77th annual Macys Thanksgiving Day
Parade with the piece “Un Carnaval de Cabezudos y Vejigantes”, and most recently with
the opening acts of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.
Our achievement and quality have been validated by repeat support by the New York City
Department of Cultural Affairs and the Bronx Council on the Arts. We have been featured in
NBC, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, NY 1, and CW11. In addition, our colorful images have
been published on the cover of major newspapers such as The New York Times, Daily
News, El Diario La Prensa, The New York Catholic, and Hoy.
Artistic Vision
DANCE’s artistic vision parallels Ms. Rivera-Pantojas vision as artistic director. Her
choreographic work reflects all the aspects of Puerto Rican inheritance from the different
cultures that arrive to the island of Puerto Rico, and mixed to create what we know today as
folklore. Since the 1970’s her work has been shown all over the world first with Puerto
Rico’s premier folklore group Gibaro de Puerto Rico, later with the national youth ensemble
Ballet Isleño, and since 1998 with New York City-based Danza Fiesta: Baile y Teatro
Danza Fiesta’ artistic goal has evolved from just presenting dances, to an organizational
culture centered on the study, promotion and preservation of the folkloric and traditional
dances from Puerto Rico. Our outreach programs provide a pipeline for the development of
new talent, and a platform for performance and audience development for other new or
established local traditional and folk artists.
Danza Fiesta’s repertoire is characterized by traditional Puerto Rican Folk pieces from
different regions of the island, popular dances and fantasy pieces. These “Estampas” reflect
all the aspects of the Puerto Rican inheritance from the different cultures that arrived on the
island and mixed to create what we know today as folklore.
Estampas de la costa : Bomba, Bombazo, Carnaval and Plena
– Bomba
– Plena – Fuego Fuego
Estampas de la montaña : Seis
– Seis Bombeao
– Tintillo – Patria Mia
Estampas de sociedad : Danza, Vals, Mazurca
Estampas populares: Salsa
– Llego la Banda
Estampas de fantasia: Various
– Cucubano
– Solina, Solina y Verde Luz
Facebook Page
Direct links to youtube videos:
Opening National PR Day Parade NYC 2014
Opening National PR Day Parade NYC 2015
Opening National PR Day Parade NYC 2017
Opening National PR Day Parade NYC 2018
Tintillo – Summer Stage 2009
E quity and Inclusion Statement
Danza Fiesta promotes arts inclusion and equal access to the arts by serving as an artistic
and cultural bridge. We are inclusive of every race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender
identity, religion and physical ability. We believe that respect for diversity among peoples
and in nature is essential to a positive future for our planet and all its inhabitants. Our
programs are open to all who wish to experience the joy of our culture and traditions and we
proudly welcome those whose access to cultural programming may be limited by


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