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-Full body scanner in airports 10 pages research paper. First i need 1 full page introduction with thesis statement that I provided. Then 3 pages body paragraph that is 10 to 15 sentences in each paragraph talking about the background of the the full body scanner. Then 3 pages on the issues of the body scanners( also body paragraphs 10-15 sentences in each paragraph. Then 3 pages on how can we solve it (also same thing body paragraphs 10-15 sentences in each paragraph). And a conclusion. All I need this Tuesday or Wednesday or even Thursday is 4-5 pages which include introduction full page + 3 pages about the the background of body scanner in airports. And a conclusion.  Then you can put them all together like 10 pages as I mentioned in the beginning. 
-Those books and articles the I chose it will help you write the research paper and you need cite the work. You don’t have to read the whole thing, just some of the clear points that each article and  books are mentioning and cite it.
-3-5 pages essay about the full body scanner in airports. First page is intro and thesis statements that I provided in on of those pages. Then 1 full page of each of the thesis statement(body paragraphs). Then a conclusion.  Then after you send me the assignment. All I need is you add two more pages for each thesis statements. You can send it to me anytime next week. So basically first is just right 3-5 pages . then for each thesis statement you add two more pages.  More details is for each thesis statement is you talk for one page about the history or the background of each of the thesis then the second page is the problems then the third pages you talk about how to solve it. ( you do it paragraphs) So total of 10 pages research paper.  Also use the ebooks and articles the chose it will help you write it and then just cite the work.
-There is a small change.  1-forget about writing a 10 pages at one time. The teacher wants to spilt them in three stages. With introduction and body paragraphs and conclusion for each stage. So first you need to look at the outline pages in yellow that I sent you. Then you need to do the outline stages (like how I started stages one, you need to do stage two and three). I just sent you stage one research paper ( you write 3-5 pages), then stage two you need to write about 12 paragraphs which is about 4 pages. Look at the stage one and two paper. I will send you stage 3 paper later. So basically you need to do stage one first and send it to me this  week if you can. Then stage two paper you can send it to me sometime next week if you can. If you have any questions let me know please.
Stage 1 4 pages
Stage 2 4pages 
Stage 3 4 pages 
With each Stage you have to have introduction body paragraph and the conclusion. I want to you to do the outline as well. As the yellow pages that I sent you.
Thank you.


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