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First – refer to the reading material in module 6.
Second – consider one of the following lines of inquiry:
You can compare the experience described in the graphic novel Cuba My Revolution and the readings on the Cuban Revolution – how do these two compare? What different stories are the two sources telling? Using newspapers of the time (go back to the Library of Congress website: ) complement the two stories with the primary source material presented in the newspapers. Tell us the whole story using the graphic novel, the Radio speech by Che Guevara and the newspaper articles you find.
The first volume of the graphic novel Persepolis deals with the effects of the Iranian revolution on a local family, and specifically a young woman. The readings details how extreme tactics in one direction will only lead to extreme responses – and while politicians plot and strategize, human beings who are far removed from their ideals and intentions pay the price. The graphic novel and the scholarly article tell two different stories, in two very different ways, but they complete the picture. Your task is to tell us the whole story of Iran from a perspective to brings in the personal and the political.
link to comic:
Kwame Nkrumah’s text resonates far beyond postcolonial Africa – he writes of the wages of global capitalism on the countries that supported its development – which includes Africa, the middle east, entire sections of Asia and Latin America. Nkrumah has a different perspective than Guevara, but they are responding to similar transformations – and after Cuba, Guevara would go to Angola precisely to try to bring the revolution to Africa. The stories are connected and you should make the connections more explicit in your submission.
Third – tie your research to the theme you discussed above: For example, if you are researching your family history, or the historical experience of women in traditional societies, or the conflict between tradition and modernity in politics – Persepolis and the Iranian revolution should provide you with a lot of material. Similarly – if you research is on technology, consider the effect modern communication technology had on Che Guevara’s ability to travel and see the world as interconnected, and act on that. If you are researching the bias in the textbooks you had in high school – if you are interested in why the official story in those history books rarely included countries like El Salvador, Sudan, Mali or Tajikistan – Nkrumah has some explanations for you.
The point of this exercise is the draw together multiple stories, to practice how to move beyond the single story and to do good on the challenge presented by Amamanda Ngozi Adichie in the first module in this class (if you need a refresher – go back to module 1 materials and rewatch her TED talk). It is also an exercise in connecting evidence to context – how did a specific innovation matter? For example: the research on birth control was not just innovative in terms of medical research – it had profound social consequences.
Grammar & style rules: whether you are writing this answer or presenting it in another medium, make sure your write at least 400 words (or the equivalent), and if you are writing – break up your thoughts into paragraphs! Don’t do run-on sentences – just as you would stop to breathe if you are doing a podcast, or edit the scene if this were a short film. Think of your audience.
do not state your feelings- state the facts and the analysis, for ex: don’t say “I feel as though the revolution was important”; say “The revolution was important because….”
remember to cite in the text (using footnote or parentheses) or with end notes or an addendum if your submission is in another form


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