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This essay has three parts. Be sure to complete all three parts to receive full credit!
Part 1. Choose your Legislation!
Using the website, choose a piece of legislation that has become law in the past 2 years. You can access a list of passed legislation by clicking on the “Legislation” link at the top of the screen and then clicking on the “Status of Legislation” Search Limit on the left hand side of the page. Mark the box that says “Became Law” and you will see bills that have passed through Congress and have been signed into law. Feel free to pick something that interests you, you’ll be doing some research on the bill in the next few steps.
Part 2: Research the Legislation!
Find out who introduced the bill and chart the bills path through Congress. You can access the actions taken by clicking on the “Actions” tab on the Bill’s information screen. Research the problem that the bill attempted to solve and how it attempted to solve it. You can begin with the “Summary” tab on the Legislation’s page to get an idea of what the bill does.
Part 3: Write your Essay!
Describe the problem that prompted the legislation, the process by which it was passed, and the effect of the legislation as passed. Be sure to discuss the votes held on the legislation as well as its progress through the committee process.
A successful essay will draw on the materials presented in class, as well as independent research. You must submit your essay using this form on Canvas, and you must copy / paste your formatted text into the submission window below. You may attach also attach a file in either .docx or .pdf format, but you must paste a formatted copy into the submission window in order to receive credit. All papers should use the MLA citation format (though APA, Chicago and foot/end notes are also acceptable) and students are REQUIRED to properly cite all sources used. Your essay MUST be at least 1,000 WORDS to receive full credit.


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