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Discussion 1:If America truly is the land of opportunity, Economic Justice (Chapter 14) might not be an ethical problem. If we all began on the starting block with an equal unobstructed path, and those who work the hardest and persevere the longest, can achieve the most, then this would be a valid assertion. Some may believe this is the case in the U.S. today. We certainly hear this argument all the time; this person and that person rose from nothing to have much, all due to their own talent and effort.Is this true? Listen to the PBS special: PBS NewsHour video story ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Poor’Warren Buffet is the 5th richest person in the world, worth 72 billion dollars ( One might expect that he would want to attribute this good fortune to his own efforts and do everything in his power to assure things remain this way. In this video, Mr. Buffet speaks to how the deck is stacked toward the rich and against the poor. The wealthy have been able to utilize the infrastructure of the country without paying for it. The wealthy have been able to assure a series of laws designed to preserve their wealth. The wealthy have been legally provided ‘personhood’ for corporations, which only the wealthy could possibly afford, and which allows them to exploit a variety of tax advantages.Read the article: How the 14th Amendment Made Corporations Into ‘People’Buffet pushes back against all of this:”These and other blessings (extraordinary tax breaks) are showered upon us (the ultra-rich) by legislators in Washington who feel compelled to protect us, much as if we were spotted owls or some other endangered species. It’s nice to have friends in high places.”Question the ethical principle of social justice.Include the following aspects in the discussion:Complete the reading and videos
Create an argument for your college debate team on whether or not Social Justice is an ethical principle: why or why not?
Use this site additional assistance in developing a debate argument
Argue peers’ assertions in a formal debate response
Discuss what you consider the most important points that have impacted you
Cite any references used. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Put everything in your own words. There is no copying and pasting allowed.
Discussion 2:Every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic exposes America’s devastating inequalities. Far from an “equalizer,” the virus is affecting already marginalized Americans the most. Review the Vox article included in this week’s lecture content.Apply the ethical principles behind equality and discrimination (Chapter 13) to the outcomes seen in pandemics. Include the following aspects in the discussion:Summarize statistics on the death rates for differing age, race, income, and ethnic groups during the 2020 pandemic (be sure to cite your sources)
What role, if any, do you feel inequality and/or discrimination play in these outcomes?
Discuss how applying ethical principles might impact any inequities
Cite any references used. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Put everything in your own words. There is no copying and pasting allowed.
Requirements: .doc file


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