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Discuss the future competitive threats of China (answer
Q: Discuss the future competitive threats of China and India for
industries in developed countries.
1.         Should the
southern African countries like Botswana, South Africa, and
Zimbabwe that have restored their elephant herds be allowed to sell
surplus ivory?
2.         Will allowing
limited ivory exports encourage or discourage poachers?
3.         Is permitting
ivory exports the best way to encourage countries to protect their
elephant herds?

1.      What are the
steps in conducting a foreign market analysis?
2.      What are some of
the basic issues a firm must confront when choosing an entry mode
for a new foreign market?
3.      What is
exporting?  Why has it increased so dramatically in recent
4.      What are the
primary advantages and disadvantages of exporting?
5.      What are the
three forms of exporting?
6.      What is an export
intermediary?  What is its role?  What are the various
types of export intermediaries?
7.      What is
international licensing?  What are its advantages and
8.      What is
international franchising? What are its advantages and


9.      What are three
specialized entry modes for international business, and how do they

10.  What is FDI?  What are its three
basic forms?  What are the relative advantages and
disadvantages of each?
11.  Do you think it is possible for someone
to make a decision about entering a particular foreign market
without having visited that market?  Why or why not?
12.  How difficult or easy do you think it is
for managers to gauge the costs, benefits, and risks of a
particular foreign market?    
13.  How does each advantage in Dunning’s
eclectic theory specifically affect a firm’s decision regarding
entry mode?

2.      Why is exporting
the most popular initial entry mode?


3.      What specific
factors could cause a firm to reject exporting as an entry
4.      What conditions
must exist for an intracorporate transfer to be
5.      Your firm is
about to begin exporting.  In selecting an export
intermediary, what characteristics would you look for?
6.      Do you think
trading companies like Japan’s sogo sosha will ever become
common in the United States?  Why or why not?


7.      What factors
could cause you to reject an offer from a potential licensee to
make and market your firm’s products in a foreign market?
8.      Under what
conditions should a firm consider a greenfield strategy for
FDI?  An acquisition strategy?  
9.      What are the
specific factors that enable Heineken to use the approach described
and simultaneously make it difficult for some other firms to copy
it?  What types of firms are most and least likely to be able
to use this approach?


1.      What does this
exercise teach you about international business?



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