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. Organ System Anatomy and Physiology: To begin, you will select an organ system of your choice and describe the chosen organ system in detail, using
appropriate terminology. You will describe how the organ system functions when it is health and how it interacts with other organ systems and the rest
of the body.
A. Describe the location of the organ system, using appropriate terminology. [BIO-211-01] B. Describe the functions of the organ system, using appropriate terminology. [BIO-211-01] C. Based on research findings, explain how the organ system’s normal anatomy contributes to its physiology. [BIO-211-01] D. Describe in detail how the chosen organ system interacts with another major organ system. [BIO-211-02] E. Explain how the organ system contributes to the overall normal functioning of the patient. [BIO-211-02] II. Disease Analysis: In this section, you will describe diseases most commonly seen in your chosen organ system.
A. Using current research, describe the major known chronic and infectious disease states of the organ system. [BIO-211-03] B. Describe the effects of the diseases on the organ system’s anatomy and physiology. [BIO-211-01] C. Describe the effects of the diseases on the interactions of the organ system with other organ systems and the body as a whole. [BIO-211-02] D. Using research data, describe the causes of the diseases. For example, your response may include potential environmental, genetic, or lifestyle
risk factors. [BIO-211-03] III. Disease Treatment and Prevention: In this section, you will use current, existing data and research information to explain prevention and treatment
A. Describe current treatment strategies for your chosen diseases, explaining how the treatment strategies impact the organ system. [BIO-211-03] B. Based on research data, describe the potential risks of your chosen treatment strategies. [BIO-211-03] C. Using research data, describe prevention strategies for the diseases. [BIO-211-03]


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