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Decade = 1890-1899 (Research Paper) (DON’T DO SLIDESHOW/POWERPOINT. JUST THE WRITTEN PAPER WITH PICTURES) 1. You will prepare an 8 to 10 page written research report with supporting visual images of the fashions and images of “influences aspects of the era” which adequately depict the era. 2. Create a short PowerPoint. Prepare and present a 3 to 4 minute verbal presentation to show your PowerPoint to the class (key highlights of the decade to be discussed). You are to describe the fashions and fashion influences of the decade assigned (such as; 1890-1899)…….Findings will be primarily focused on the USA but research discoveries can often be global in nature and not limited to the USA. • Describe and discuss the various influences on the fashions of that era. (See chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 for factors that influence fashion; such things as economic issues, sociological factors, political conditions, psychological environment, & market conditions should be among, but not limited to, the issues you discuss). • Describe what was happening that affected the men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions of that decade. (See above chapters—such things as sports of the times, wars, technological advances within and around the industry, entertainment, musical influences, pastimes, household lifestyles, working conditions, government regulations). • Discuss key fashion, manufacturing, or retailing developments. • Which laws were in effect which may have affected society’s mode of dress or affected lifestyles, which in turn influenced the styles? • Name and discuss the designers who were “on the scene” or influential during this era; certainly, show some of their work. • Which inventions or technological innovations impacted the fashions of this era? • Include your thoughts, your opinions, and your conclusions about what you discovered throughout your research. Also, answer these questions: 1) “What have you learned from this project?” 2) “What would it have been like to dress in this way and to live during this decade?” 3) Which of the styles or trends were most influential? 4) Which of the styles is still influencing fashions today? 5) “Which resources and references were most useful to you?” Page 2 of 5 **IMPORTANT: Utilize an effective introduction and conclusion to your work. Utilize subheadings for each section of your report. **Illustrate and support your findings with at least 10-12 images, drawings, photo’s, or appropriate digital images….be sure all visuals fit into an 8.5” x 11” format. Label, reference, and connect all illustrations. Discuss them and refer to them within your report. **Create a short, visually rich PowerPoint to show the class highlights from your Fashion Decade; Plan for a 3 minute to 4 minute presentation. Images can be the same or different from what is contained within the written report. Other visual props may be utilized creatively. **Appropriately reference & cite the sources of your research, including the visual images (use proper bibliography). It is important to list all your sources at the end of your report. Use APA format but follow my guidelines too. **Utilize your course textbooks for findings on your topics. All typing should be in 11 point or 12 point FONT: Times New Roman, Arial, Bookman, Courier,Palatino, Georgia, or Garamond. Use 1.5 or 2 line spacing. FORMAT FOR INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH REPORTS (AND TEAM PROJECTS): • Number all pages—and—-number all PowerPoint slides • Visuals / Images: properly label, number, and reference all visual images. (Color images are required, when available). “Connect and link” images to your content, as you write. Visuals for projects may include videos or photos created or taken by an individual student • Include a separate page for bibliography / references; Use APA format and use citations as you write. • Organize the text into sub-headings; USE a well-crafted introduction and conclusion • Cover page: Use a creative cover page and title but also refer to the actual decade (1900- 1919) • Cover page: Use a creative cover page to properly represent your fashion decade and include an “inner-cover-page” with your header information • Inner Cover-page: place “name and header information” on an inside cover page in 12 point font like this: Your First and Last Name FM 114-210 Introduction to the Fashion Industry Illeana Cohen Decades Project October 14, 2020


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