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complete a comparison template, where you will examine four advertisements of your choice for various
aspects that are interesting from a social science perspectiveYou
will then use these advertisements to fill in the provided Comparison Template document, in which you address specific social science aspects of each
advertisement in preparation for your next project, the observation journal.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed and will be graded using the rubric at the end of this document:
I. Question how individuals are represented in the ads. In your template, ask questions about the individuals in the ads that social scientists might ask.
For instance, you might ask why a person in the ad is standing outside the larger group, or why individuals are depicted in certain ways.
II. Question how groups and group behavior are represented in the advertisements. In your template, ask questions about groups/group interactions
that social scientists might ask. For instance, you might ask why the women are grouped together separately from the men, or why the group seems
to have very little diversity.
III. Question how different cultures and cultural identity are represented in the advertisements. In your template, ask questions about the cultures and
cultural identities in the ads that social scientists might ask. For instance, you might ask why people who look to be of the same ethnic background
are wearing similar clothing, or what certain symbols or interactions may mean related to culture.
IV. Notate how the advertisements compare and contrast to each other. For instance, do you see any commonalities or significant differences among
interactions between the ads? What might these commonalities or differences say about human interactions?
V. Pose questions a social scientist might be interested in, based on your observations of the advertisements. For instance, what larger questions about
human interactions might they ask? For this, you may build on your comparisons, concentrate on a theme or trend you noticed throughout the ads,
or develop a follow-up question related to a particularly interesting ad.
Supporting Work and Resources
There are three opportunities to work directly on different elements of the comparison template.
1. In Module One, you will select the advertisements that you will use for this assignment. You are provided an Advertisement Examples document, which
provides a list from which you can select a series of advertisements, as well as selection criteria if you are interested in choosing your own
2. Once an advertisement is selected, you will begin to work in the template, developing questions and statements in support of at least two of the ads you
selected. Module One also features an Advertisement Observation Guide to support your work. Your instructor will provide feedback on this assignment
to help ensure you are on the right track.
3. In Module Two, you will work to finalize your comparison template and submit it to your instructor for grading. This module also includes a Comparison
Template Checklist that you can use to ensure that you have met all the requirements of this project. I have attached the advertisement examples that I have chosen on my comparison template. Instructions in rubric also attached. Requirements: .doc file


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