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Assignment #4: Research the fight for voting rights today.Introduction:In 2020, there are still people across the United States and its territories and commonwealths who do not have full voting rights. While having the right to vote on paper, many groups face significant structural barriers to casting their ballots. Use the following links in blue to better understand how people of color and poor people in particular face voter suppression in the form of ID laws, voter roll purges and sparse polling places. And also how young people, especially college students, face roadblocks, like restrictions on early-voting access and voter registration.Directions: You will research a specific group of Americans who continue to fight for voting rights by researching one group and creating a four slide presentation about their fight for voting access and rights. Step 1. Choose one of the following topics below and focus on the specific barriers they face to voting, the organizations working to expand or secure their rights, and what individuals can do to help.Young people
People in prison
People with disabilities
Latinx people
People with limited English proficiency
“Nationals” not “citizens”
Native American
American Samoans
16- and 17-year-olds
Step 2. You will use the evidence from your research to describe the specific voting challenges the group faces and the reasons why this group should have the right to vote. You will present your research and reasoning in the format of a four slide Google Slides presentation.Slide Information/Content Requirements: (10 Possible Points Per Slide. 40 Total Possible Points)Slide 1 – Summary: Who is the group and what are the major reasons they have struggled with voting rights?
Slide 2 – Research/Evidence: What specific data supports their challenges regarding the right to vote?
Slide 3 – Support: What is currently being done to increase access to voting. To what degree Is it helping?
Slide 4 – New Learning: Considering everything you have learned, explain how your new learning has confirmed, challenged or added to your previously held ideas about voting rights in the U.S.?
Slide Format Requirements: (5 points)Provide a specific title for each slide that reflects the slide’s content.
Each slide should have four (minimum) to five (maximum) specific bullet points.
Easy to read fonts and colors.
Images are optional.
Due Date: Wednesday, 12/16
Requirements: .ppt file


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