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1.Discuss the strategy involved in running an e-commerce
company and the four infrastructures that influence that
strategy.Explain why an e-commerce manager must give careful
consideration to those infrastructures.What other challenges might
an e-commerce manager face?

2.Compare and contrast brick-and-mortar businesses to e-commerce
selling in the following areas:


Of the six areas discussed in the text,which do you feel presents
the greatest challenge to e-commerce? Defend your choice.

3.What is the purpose of a market opportunity analysis? Identify
the seven steps involved and summarize how each step is
accomplished. Why is it important to understand one’s

4.Describe the basic components of an online business model. 
Why is the postpurchase stage of the consumer decision process more
critical to the long term success of the firm than the purchase
stage that has traditionally been emphasized? How can a firm assess
the quality of a resource system?

5.Explain the two dimensions of context and the elements that are
critical to their development. How is context different from
content? Can form and function coexist on a single site? How is
this changing?

6.Describe three of the general online approaches that companies
might follow to communicate with their users. In what ways does
this type of communication differ from direct communication? In
what type of market communications do most companies spend the bulk
of their advertising dollars? What are some of the advantages of
that type of communication?

7.Why is implementation important? What special implementation
challenges are faced by online firms? What particular difficulties
do they face in the area of systems? Why are CRM systems so
critical to the firm?

8.What are metrics? Why are they important to e-commerce managers?
What is the performance dashboard? How can it be implemented?

9.Explain the three-tier model that most of today’s websites
follow,and describe each layer. How do external systems affect this
model? What is the most common form of database today? Which type
is likely to become more important in the future and why?

10.What is technological convergence? Explain the factors that
brought it about. Why might cable modems be the lon-term winner in
the battle for the last mile? How can synergy be achieved through

11.Discuss how the entrepreneur might utilize human capital to
improve his chances of success. Include the type of people he will
want to employ. What are the two sources of financing available to
startup businesses and an example of each? What are some of the
reasons an entrepreneur would pursue venture capital funding over a
commercial bank loan?

12.What are the five major regulatory issues affecting the
Internet? Briefly describe each issue. How does each of these
issues impact the future of e-business?


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